Undergraduate Requirements

All majors and minors must take POLS111 Introduction to Political Science, POLS112

American National Government and Politics & POLS300 Political Analysis.  These are prerequisites for most other Political Science courses. Additionally, majors are required to take 24 hours, with at least one three-hour course at the 300/400 level in four of the seven subfields below.  No more than 15 hours may be taken in any one subfield.  Minors must take 18 hours, with at least one three-hour course at the 300/400 level in three of the seven subfields.  (A course cannot count more than once.)

American Government and Politics
340—The Presidency
341—Congress and Legislation
342—American Public Policy
343—American State Politics
344—Urban Politics
345—Parties and Interest Groups
346—Public Opinion
390—The Judicial System
440—African American Politics
441—Women and Politics in America
445—Voting and Elections
449—Topics in American Politics

Comparative Politics
350—Political Systems of Western Europe
351—Eastern European Political Systems in Transition
352—Politics of Development
354—Women and Cross-National Politics
355—Political Systems of Latin America
356—Political Systems of Asia
459—Topics in Comparative Politics

International Relations
370—Intro to International Relations
371—International Political Economy
472—International Organizations
473—US Foreign Policy
479—Topics in International Relations

Political Theory
385—Intro to Political Theory
386—American Political Ideas and Origins
484—Classical Political Theory
485—Modern Political Theory
489—Topics in Political Theory

Public Administration
320—Intro to Public Administration
424—Administrative Law

429—Topics in Public Administration

Public Law
390—The Judicial System
424—Administrative Law
495—Constitutional Law I
496—Constitutional Law II
497—Environmental Law
499—Topics in Public Law

Political Analysis
300- Intro to Political Analysis

Specialized/Arranged Courses not in a particular Subfield
310—Independent Readings and Research
410—Legal Internship
411—Internship in Government
430—Review for Teacher Certification

Other degree requirements exist.  Please consult with CAS Advising.


Majors and minors in Political Science will be advised by the College of Arts and Science (CAS) Advising Unit located in Peck Hall 1315.  The faculty in the Political Science department are always available to provide you with mentoring; however, the actual advising process (PINs and Course Selection) will be handled in the CAS Advising Unit.

The CAS Advisors for Political Science are:

Danette Griffith       dagriff@siue.edu       618-650-5525

Mark Schoenherr    maschoe@siue.edu        618-650-5523


2 Responses to Undergraduate Requirements

  1. Kayla says:

    Can you take Pols 112 and pols 300 at the same time? In addition to that question I have taken everything else as prerequisites and since I can’t start to take any other 30 level classes until Pols 112 and 300 are complete what other classes should I take or can I take that would benefit this major?

    • denisedegarmo says:


      I would suggest that in addition to POLS112 and POLS300 you take the other introductory course – POLS111. In that way you will have all the required prerequisites to move forward in your Political Science Degress.

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