Faculty and Staff

The Department’s faculty and staff are known for their commitment to quality undergraduate education.  Several members of the faculty have been recognized by the College and University for their teaching excellence.  Undergraduates can work directly with faculty on their on-going research projects, acquiring first hand research training.  The faculty have an active research agenda that is featured in book form, book chapters, and articles in the top journals in Political Science.  Contact information for Faculty and Staff is provided for each individual.

Meet the Faculty and Staff!

Cathy Behrens, Office Support Specialist

Cathy is helping to box up medical equipment for the SIUE for Haiti Drive

3234 Peck Hall

Box 1453


email: cbehren@siue.edu

Area of Interests:  Providing the foundation upon which the department is built.


Denise DeGarmo,  PhD University of Michigan

 Dr. DeGarmo in China

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Coordinator of the Peace and International Studies Minor
3219 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email:  ddegarm@siue.edu

Areas of Scholarship:  International Relations, Security, International Environmental Security, US Foreign Policy, International Organizations, and Palestinian Politics

Top 10 Books You Should Read If You Are Interested in International Relations:  Recommended_Reading_from_Stephen_M_Walt

Dr. DeGarmo’s Books:



Anne Flaherty, PhD Duke University

Assistant Professor
3234 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: aflaher@siue.edu
Areas of Scholarship: American Politics, African American Politics, Racial and Ethnic Politics, Native American Studies, and Indigenous Politics.


Nicholas Guehlstorf, PhD Purdue University

Associate Professor, Joint Appointment with the Environmental Sciences Program
3233 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: nguehls@siue.edu
Website:  Guehlstorf

Areas of Scholarship: Environmental Policy, Modern Political Philosophy, and Democratic Theory.


Carly Hayden Foster, PhD University of Kansas

Assistant Professor
3214 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: cahayde@siue.edu
Webpage:  Hayden Foster
Areas of Scholarship:  American Politics, Gender and Public Opinion, Women and the Policy Process, and Women and the Legislative Process.


Tim Kalinowski, J.D. University of Houston

0416 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email:  tkalino@siue.edu
Webpage:  Kalinowski

Area of Teaching:  American Government, The Judiciary, Constitutional Law: Government Powers, and Constitutional Law: Civil rights and Civil Liberties,

Areas of Scholarship: Assist local attorneys with complicated legal matters:  trust, medical malpractice and employment cases.


Lynn Maurer, PhD The Ohio State University

Lynn Maurer, PhD The Ohio State University

Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate School
0414 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: lmaurer@siue.edu
Webpage: Maurer
Areas of Scholarship: Western and Eastern European Politics, Comparative Legislatures, Transitions to Democracy and Women and Politics.


Ken Moffett, PhD University of Iowa

Associate Professor
0415 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: kmoffet@siue.edu

Areas of Scholarship: American Politics, Congress, and Political Methodology


Laurie Rice, PhD University of California

                                                     Dr. Rice ocean side at Monterey, California.

Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Civic Education Project
3220 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: larice@siue.edu
Webpage: Rice
Areas of Scholarship: American Politics, Media and Politics, Political Behavior, Public Opinion, and Civic Engagement.


Sterling Recker, ABD University of Missouri – St. Louis

Sterling traveling through Ecuador.

0411 Peck Hall

Box 1453
email: srecker@siue.edu
Areas of Scholarship: Comparative Politics, Politics of Africa. Political Theory and International Political Economy.


Eric Royer, BS Political Science @ SIUE, MA Webster University

0411 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: eroyer@siue.edu
Areas of Scholarship: International Relations, Conflict Resolution, International Conflict, South Asia Security Studies, and Political Theory.

John Hanson, MA Eastern Illinois University

0411 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: jhanson@siue.edu
Areas of interest: Nuclear Policy, International Relations, Security Studies, and Subnational Governance.


Arthur Stahnke, PhD University of Iowa

Professor Emeritus
0411 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: astahnk@siue.edu
Areas of Scholarship: Soviet and Soviet Bloc Politics, Politics of Soviet-Type Economies, Comparative Politics and International Relations.


Andrew Theising, PhD University of Missouri -St. Louis

Associate Professor
1235 Peck Hall     Phone 618-650-5253
Box 1453

Director, Institute for Urban Research
2215 Rendleman Hall     Phone: 618-650-5253

Coordinator for Policy and Communication, Provost’s Office
3109 Rendleman Hall      Phone 618-650-3678

Webpage: Theising

Areas of Scholarship: Urban Politics, State Politics, American Politics, and Public Administration


Suranjan Weeraratne, PhD McGill University

Assistant Professor
0417 Peck Hall
Box 1453
email: sweerar@siue.edu
Areas of Scholarship:  Comparative Politics, Ethnic Conflict, Politics of East Asia, Politics Development, and Politics of the Middle East.


Tyler Weis, Student Worker

3234 Peck Hall

Box 1453

Tyler is currently a junior at SIUE majoring in History with a minor in Political Science.  He is hoping to teach at the secondary level and coach cross country and track.


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