The Department of Political Science at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville offers a student centered approach to the study of government and politics through hands-on-experiences and personal attention.  It is an up-and-coming academic community in the Midwest that is home to hardworking scholars who are respected in their fields and dedicated to academic excellence.  Faculty are accessible to their students in the classroom, their offices and in the community.

Department of Political Science Points of Pride

1.  Graduates of the Department of Political Science have an extensive understanding of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels.

2. Graduates of the Department of Political Science are civicly engaged and are dedicated leaders in social, economic and political dimensions of their communities and nations.

3. Graduates of the Department of Political Science are trained in the use of data, as well as research-based writing and analysis, culminating in the Department’s Senior Assignment.

4. Its faculty members are recognized locally, statewide, and nationally for their teaching, research, and service accomplishments.

5.  Faculty members are accessible and provide personal attention to their students.

6.  Its faculty members are strongly committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service.

7.  The Department provides a rigorous curriculum with a focus on critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills.

8. The Department offers supervised individual learning experience through internships through out the region and independent study and research with faculty.

9. The Department has a long tradition of outreach and community service.

10.  The Department provides a vibrant academic environment reflected in the diverse interests of faculty.

11. The current faculty members have published 6 books and 21 articles.

12.  92% of the teaching faculty have Ph.D.’s

13. 90% of the courses offered in the Department have an online component

14.  Class sizes are capped at 49 students for introductory courses and 35 students for upper level courses.

15.  75% of the courses offered have a community or applied component (guest speaker, field trip, etc)

16.  The Department of Political Science offers six opportunities for funding and honors

17. Political Science students can be active in 2 organizations sponsored by the Department

18.  The current Department faculty have won 10 awards for teaching, research, or service.

19.  The Department of Political Science houses the Civic Education Project, the Arthur V. DeGarmo, Jr. Research Room for the Study and Preservation of the Manhattan Project Legacies, and the Peace and International Studies minor.

Department of Political Science
Box 1453
Edwardsville, Illinois 62026
Phone:  618-650-3572


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